Selected Journal Articles

Is the Market for Digital Privacy a Failure?
Public Choice

Visions of Entrepreneurship Policy
(with D.S. Lucas, E. Piano, and C. Coyne)
Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy 

A Holistic Approach to Merger Models with an Emphasis on Heterogeneity
(with N. Pusateri)
Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance

Rooking the State
(with D.S. Lucas and E. Piano)
International Review of Law and Economics 

Privacy Law as Price Control
European Journal of Law and Economics 

Bounties, Grants, and Market-Making Entrepreneurship
(with D.S. Lucas)
The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy

Pricing Political Rallies
(with D.S. Lucas)
Economic Affairs

Entrepreneurship: Productive, Unproductive, and Destructive—Relative to What?
(with D.S. Lucas)
Journal of Business Venturing Insights

Spillovers from Public Entrepreneurship: A Case Study
(with D. DelliSanti)
Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

The Perils of Privacy Regulation
Review of Austrian Economics

Reassessing the Fair Tax
(with J. Santoro)
University of Pittsburgh Law Review

Book Reviews

Edward Stringham, “Private Governance: Creating Order in Economic and Social Life”
Journal of Prices and Markets

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